How To sign up Paypal

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This topic was requested by marsudiyanto as mathematic teacher in SMA 1 Kendal. He want start business online. He has many potential blog to monetize. Many blog have pagerank third grade. But he dont know how to make money on Blogs. And I suggest him to join to broker paid review. But he dont know how to he get the money. And i answered “Transfer by Paypal“. But not all blogger dont know how to sign up paypal. And this topic is how to sign up paypal.

First go to Paypal.Com . Then click sign up. And you will be found three options between Personal, Premier, or Business Account. Personal acount for individuals who shop online. They can shoping and received money, but they cant be withdraw. Personal acount is free fee.

Premier Account for individual who buy and sell online. They can received money and shopping. And can be withdraw, but the Premier Account will get fee every received money.

Business Account for merchants who use a company or group name. This similiar with Premier Account. Can be buy and sell, withdraw and get fee per received transaction money.

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