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Yesterday, i was posted about how to sign up paypal account. And Now, you have a paypal account and to start monetize blog. I wanna discussing about paid review. Yeah paid review is a easy way to make money. Just write review article you will be pay $$$ from advertiser to your paypal account. Hehe. Then, I will introducing about paid review of business online.

First, What is Paid review? Paid review is the one of way make money with write article review, then you get $$$ from advertiser per article. Understand??? What is Review Article? Review of product or service advertiser article. Generally, the content of review is such as invite a people to buy or use the product / service from advertiser this is called buzz review. Then, review site is you give some assesment of the site. Site Review divided by two type. Positive site review and Negative site review. Surely you was knew about positive and negative review. Yeah, alright !!! Positive review is you give positive article and the negative review is you give negative article about the product. Another that, write artcile review as you can describe you ever to buy the product or use that service and you feel satisfied.

Usually, every article must be give link back to the site product’s advertiser. You will get notice from advertiser how to you must review and give link back and anchor text. Link back is you give link to advertser product. And anchor text is the text of link. And the link must be do follow.

As Publisher surely we got bad impact of pagerank. Then made your pagerank down. You will know the formula pagerank here. I ever read article about Paid Review and Pagerank Connection, pagerank dislike about gambling review, and will be decrease your rank. As Advertiser, they will get link back to increase they pagerank, another that they have more article marketing so the product possiblely to sold ! And they get lot of profit.

Do you understanding about my article??? Im so sorry about fault of grammar and vocab. :D Comment here for discuss furthermore!!!

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11 thoughts on “We Called Paid Review”

  1. No more review about your vocab and grammar.. It’s more better than be4, even there are some mistakes.. :p
    question bout paid review, where do you register your self for the program??

    How bout the requirement?

    How much did they pay you for an article?

  2. @ andi hehe :P

    question bout paid review, where do you register your self for the program??

    For this time is secret. Follow next my article :P

    How bout the requirement?
    must be have pagerank and good alexa rank

    How much did they pay you for an article?
    minimal $1 :D according contract and offer :)

  3. @ putri paling banyak bisa sampe $40 :) mending dibayar $1 cuma nulis. Kalo paid review indonesia sih emang segitu pasarannya, antara 10rb sampai 25ribu :D

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