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This topic related and similiar with previous article, about Sitemap. Surely, to optimation your search engine on wordpress. But another plugins, this plugins called Dagon Design Sitemap Generator. Different previous article, XML sitemap generator has a result xml extention on http://yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml but Dagon Design Sitemap Generator has a result on your page.

What is function this plugin? Certainly build sitemap, but on your page. You can setting options of configuration Dagon Design Sitemap Generator by clicking setting –> DDSitemapGen on your dashboard admin. You can choose general Sitemap such as language ( Indonesian Language Not Supported :( ), and Sitemap Genarations what to show at sitemap ( post or page ) and you can combination with Google XML Sitemap Generator. and will be link on the page Dagon Design Sitemap Generator.

To download this plugins you can download for free here and install on your blog. And then Add Page New and write <!– ddsitemapgen –> on html area and Publish it. Automatically sitemap was build on your page !

Thank you for using Dagon Design Sitemap Generator. Hope Your SEO has a better result. Amin !!!

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