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Still about SEO on WordPress. This post will discussing about Google XML sitemap Generator Plugins. Do you know what is sitemap? Sitemap is a map of your site to help crawling by search engine. And then what is XML ? XML is a extention of result the sitemap.

Google XML Sitemap Generator use for build sitemap of your content wordpress to be crawling processed by google, ask, yahoo, MSN search. There are you can build sitemap, automatic ping update to google, yahoo, ask.com and MSN Search, and set crawling priority homepage, post, category, archieve and etc.

To install it, you can read previous article. If you still remember how to install plugins, Lets you go install then setting and build your sitemap by clicking setting –> XML – sitemap on your dashboard admin. To download this plugins, you may download here

Congratulation to build your sitemap wordpress.

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  1. mas atau bapak nieh. :D
    daya ko dah ngaktifin plugin ini tapi lom nongol di page kayak diatas gitu?

    maklum nieh, orb “ORang Baru” mo belajar SEO


  2. By the way, just a little suggestion for you, but don’t take this suggestion too deep in to your heart because it may makes you hurted.
    I’m sorry before,,

    I think you should learn more about grammar in english. Because it was so mesh.. And it understood by indonesian people only, because you’ve used english in indonesian way. I mean with indonesian grammar..
    I think foreign people will hardly think about the meaning of your words :)

    so how about a little english course with a private teacher? :-)

  3. Hahaha… I’m just a XII grader of language programme class, not a teacher. I’m studying english too right now, especially to face the job i’ve already choose before, become a waiter on a cruise line ship. :)

  4. @andi Although you are a student, i wanna to be your student..Teach me more english especially grammar gan :)
    you are final exam now,aren’t right?Best of luck… And then your dream is excelent..

  5. I’m afraid i can’t, i don’t know how to teach grammar, because i learn it by watching Hollywood movies.. And I’m not master it yet..

    I suggest you to watch English movies (in DVD), and don’t turn the subtitle on..
    Or you can turn the English subtitle on to learn more….

    here’s some links for you:

    andi’s last blog post..Photo Gallery

  6. here’s some fixation for you..

    there’s no “i wanna to be ….”, because “wanna”=”want to”.

    “May u teach me” is should be “would you teach me”

    “This post will discussing about ” should be “This post will discuss about ”
    if you use “will” in a sentence, use Verb I

    “Do you know what is sitemap?” should be “Do you know what sitemap is?”
    if you ask the reader about what the meaning of sitemap, use is before the question mark..

    “to help crawling by search engine.” that means that your site who crawl the web helped by search engine.. therefore you should write “to help your site crawled by search engine.”

    a lot more of mistakes (in this article), i suggest you to use microsoft word to edit your content before publish it to the web, because m.word have a grammar suggestion feature..

    andi’s last blog post..Photo Gallery

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