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How are you today? Yeah, hope all will be alright. Yesterday i try to use english language, then i addicted this language and forgot native language for someday. Hehe… Why I use language? Because i wanna broker paid review and another broker of online business approve this blog. :P

Owh ya, This topic is how to Add, upload new plugins WordPress. This is similiar how to change template step . You should read previous article to understand this step.

First, Choose your plugin that you wanna set. You can find on WordPress Plugins Officiall. After you download and you get it. Upload your plugins on home/wp-content/plugins ( on your file manager / cpanel ). But you can upload your plugins at http://yourdomain/wp-admin/plugin-install.php ( on your dashboard admin ). Browse to find where your plugins, and install now to install the plugins.

Then you can activate the plugins. And if you found upgrade option plugins, please upgrade to set your new version of your plugin to enjoy new feature new version by clicking upgrade automatically. Write your hostname ( yourdomain ), user ( user login cpanel / filemanager ), and password ( password login cpanel / filemanager ) to upgrade it.

Yeah you can edit the plugins. Yeah you need change the CHMOD file of plugin on your home/wp-content/plugins/nameplugins.php or edit from your dashboard admin or clicking http://yourdomain/wp-admin/plugin-editor.php . But this is very dangerous risk, because if you not corrected to change it, your plugins will be deactive automatically!!!

Oh ya, do you know what the function of plugins? Plugins is another CMS is called modules. Plugins can make your blog more great ( you can read the function plugins on homepage the maker that plugins ), such as all in one seo pack to help you on manage SEO, dagon design sitemap to build sitempa on your page, xml sitemap to build sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz for easyly crawling search engine and anymore great plugins. More than 100 plugins in our blogoshpere. You can add it if you needed.

Note : This tips and trik worked on wordpress platform that hosted except on wordpress.com . If your blogs wordpress.com, you cant use this plugins ! So sad !!!

Anymore question??? Let me know your problem by comment on this comment area.

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  1. @elcoj spam again ??? :D
    @ iwan plugins buat mempercantik dan memperbagus blog :D, banyak banget fungsi plugin, dan itu berbeda – beda :P

  2. mphon paduan lengkapnya donk, di menu wordpress aku kagak ada menu plugins nya, gmana caranya supaya di wordpress aku ada menu pluginsnya, q sudah daftar di beberapa free web hosting yang ada cpanel fantasticonya tapi koq aq g nemuin dimana letaknya

  3. hy derizky i confused in Upload your plugins on home/wp-content/plugins ( on your file manager / cpanel ). But you can upload your plugins at _http://yourdomain/wp-admin/plugin-install.php ( on your dashboard admin ). where the location of home / wp-content / plugins and _http://yourdomain/wp-admin/plugin-install.php (on your admin dashboard)??? explanation please!!

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