Get Job From Blogsvertise

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After you know about paid review, then you must actively to sign up to broker paid review. Lot of broker paid review. And now, i will discussing about blogsvertise.

Blogsvertise is a broker paid review who managed advertiser and publisher. Betterly you sign up now here first. Then started to make money. Submit your blog and waiting approval. In Blogsvertise you can find opportunity if you lucky. Why must be lucky? Because not all publisher get opportunity. Check your blog list, if you lucky you will see sign of Job. We called GBT ( Grab Bag Task ). Rumor said GBT will show up every 20 hour once time. Another said every 19.00 WIB o’ clock. Dont know who is the right ??!! Continue reading “Get Job From Blogsvertise”

We Called Paid Review

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Yesterday, i was posted about how to sign up paypal account. And Now, you have a paypal account and to start monetize blog. I wanna discussing about paid review. Yeah paid review is a easy way to make money. Just write review article you will be pay $$$ from advertiser to your paypal account. Hehe. Then, I will introducing about paid review of business online.

First, What is Paid review? Paid review is the one of way make money with write article review, then you get $$$ from advertiser per article. Understand??? What is Review Article? Continue reading “We Called Paid Review”

How To sign up Paypal

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This topic was requested by marsudiyanto as mathematic teacher in SMA 1 Kendal. He want start business online. He has many potential blog to monetize. Many blog have pagerank third grade. But he dont know how to make money on Blogs. And I suggest him to join to broker paid review. But he dont know how to he get the money. And i answered “Transfer by Paypal“. But not all blogger dont know how to sign up paypal. And this topic is how to sign up paypal.

First go to Paypal.Com . Then click sign up. And you will be found three options between Personal, Premier, or Business Account. Personal acount for individuals who shop online. They can shoping and received money, but they cant be withdraw. Personal acount is free fee.

Premier Account for individual who buy and sell online. They can received money and shopping. And can be withdraw, but the Premier Account will get fee every received money.

Business Account for merchants who use a company or group name. This similiar with Premier Account. Can be buy and sell, withdraw and get fee per received transaction money.

Continue reading “How To sign up Paypal”

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator Plugins

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This topic related and similiar with previous article, about Sitemap. Surely, to optimation your search engine on wordpress. But another plugins, this plugins called Dagon Design Sitemap Generator. Different previous article, XML sitemap generator has a result xml extention on but Dagon Design Sitemap Generator has a result on your page.

What is function this plugin? Certainly build sitemap, but on your page. You can setting options of configuration Dagon Design Sitemap Generator by clicking setting –> DDSitemapGen on your dashboard admin. You can choose general Sitemap such as language ( Indonesian Language Not Supported :( ), and Sitemap Genarations what to show at sitemap ( post or page ) and you can combination with Google XML Sitemap Generator. and will be link on the page Dagon Design Sitemap Generator. Continue reading “Dagon Design Sitemap Generator Plugins”

Google XML Sitemap Generator Plugins

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Still about SEO on WordPress. This post will discussing about Google XML sitemap Generator Plugins. Do you know what is sitemap? Sitemap is a map of your site to help crawling by search engine. And then what is XML ? XML is a extention of result the sitemap.

Google XML Sitemap Generator use for build sitemap of your content wordpress to be crawling processed by google, Continue reading “Google XML Sitemap Generator Plugins”